Employee Background Checks

Why Do I Need To Run An Employee Background Check?

When applying for a job, most candidates are familiar with some type of screening process. They know they must woo you, their potential employer, in the interview(s) and with their resume. What they don’t know is that their new haircut, tailored suit, and charming demeanor mean nothing if their employee background check says otherwise.

“He seemed nice”. We hear it all the time. Our clients will go through a string of potential candidates until a smooth talking, nice-looking person walks in and wins them over in one interview. Yes, it can be a glorious thing to find the employee of your dreams. But can you ever really be sure of who they are? Anyone can clean up nice and tell you what you want to hear. That’s why nowadays, it’s more important than ever to run a comprehensive employee background check on every single candidate that you are considering. Run everything from an employee credit check to a national criminal report, to ensure he or she is just as golden as they appear.

Why run the check if your gut feeling is telling you that he/she is “the one”? You’ve never been wrong before, right? Well, facts don’t lie. Plus, no one wants to tell the tale of the golden employee who stole millions of dollars from them or was wanted for murder in a different state. Your business is valuable and shouldn’t be trusted with a gut feeling.

Another important reason to run an employee background check on every potential candidate is to avoid fraud. Someone may say they are someone, provide you with references and maybe even a driver’s license, but with today’s technology you must remember: anything and everything is possible. If you run the comprehensive employee background check, you can be sure who you are hiring is who they say they are and not have to worry about hiring someone untrustworthy or even illegal. It always pays to know the cold hard facts rather than to put your business or personal life at stake.