Some of the employee background check services that we offer require a 24-hour turnaround including driving record investigations and county courthouse criminal reports. Recognizing the need for expedience, we make every effort to generate your reports as soon as possible.

Tenant Screening Searches


(30 second searches)
Credit Report with FICO Score$20.95
Nationwide Criminal Search Includes State Check$25.95
Packaged Reports
Credit Report & National Criminal Search$29.95
Credit Report, Nationwide Criminal & Eviction Search$29.95
Credit Report & Eviction Search$22.95
Nationwide Criminal & Eviction Search $26.95
Federal Criminal Search $29.95

Employee Check Services

(Instant searches)
Criminal Search
Credit report$21.95
Driving records$24.95
Social Security number verification$18.00

Our tenant screening services for landlords and property managers include the individual services of credit reporting, criminal record reporting, and eviction searches. Credit checks are combined with statewide criminal report searching as a bundled service. Our employee check services include searches on credit reports, criminal background checks, and social security number verification.  A combined credit and criminal instant background check service is also available. In most cases, these reports can be generated in a matter of seconds.

Before you request a tenant or employee background check, please familiarize yourself with appropriate release form(s) on our website. It is necessary to receive the prospective tenant or employee’s consent before conducting a background check.