Tenant Screening

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Tenant Screening Services

Background Check Solutions has been providing tenant screening services to landlords nationwide since 1982. We are always listening to your needs as property managers and constantly updating our tenant screening services to make your job easier. We know that you need quick, reliable information to make leasing decisions, and we strive to meet that need by providing current, comprehensive records.

The records we use for tenant screening services are constantly updated on a regular basis. Comprehensive data is collected in over 8,000 municipal, county, state, and federal courthouses nationwide.

The credit reports used for our tenant screening services are updated monthly to give you the most up-to-date information available on your applicant’s financial standing. To make renter screening as easy as possible, we do not charge monthly or annual fees.

In addition to credit reports, we also provide eviction searches and criminal background checks to give you an accurate idea of an applicant’s rental history.

Choose the links to the left to find out about America’s largest databases for quick and easy screening for landlords or call toll free 1-800-252-8297 to speak with a representative. All of our tenant screening reports can be purchased separately or bundled for greater savings.