NAPW Announces Dodie Murphy as “2013 Professional Woman of the Year”

Murphy_Dodie-Press-Release-ProofGarden City, NY — NAPW honors Dodie Murphy as a 2013/2014
Professional Woman of the Year for leadership in tenant screening industry
with this prestigious distinction. As the largest, most-recognized organization
of women in the country, spanning virtually every industry and profession, the
National Association of Professional women is a powerfully vibrant
networking community with nearly 500,000 members and over 400 Local

“I started Background Check Solutions in September of 1982. It was even
before computers had come out. We had to call the local credit bureau for a
credit report,” says Ms. Murphy, who admits things have changed quite a bit
since she founded the company. For more than 30 years, Ms. Murphy has been
providing comprehensive tenant screening services to landlords and real estate
agents around the country.

A success from the start, Ms. Murphy proudly admits that Background Check
Solutions is the “original tenant screening company,” one that has survived
when others like it have failed. In addition to providing background checks on
tenants, Background Check Solutions is also a leader when it comes to helping
employers decide if an individual is the right candidate for the job.
To ensure the company’s continued growth and expansion, Ms. Murphy is
diligent when it comes to staying in touch with the needs of her clients. “This
year we redesigned our website and use social media to get the word out about
our great services,” she says. “Our goals going forward are to make our
services available faster, with more mobile access and to continue to make our
customers happy with our services.”

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