Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

June 9th, 2015 by Dodie

9117741_sIf you have neighbors that make you feel uncomfortable, then a background check is a way to get the information you need to feel safer in your home. Obtaining criminal records on someone is easy and legal because it is public information. The best way to deal with a questionable person in your area is to conduct some research, so you are prepared and aware of any history with criminal activities. The more you know about the people that live around you, the safer you will feel.

Why Do a Criminal Background Check on Your Neighbor?

There are many reasons to do a background check on your neighbor, the first being that this person is making you feel uncomfortable. If you do not feel safe around someone and they haven’t committed a crime, doing some research will help you feel better, regardless of the results. Many people will do a check because they suspect drug use or abuse and want to know the history of the people in a specific household.

When a Criminal History Check is Necessary:

• You have children.
• When a home receives steady visitors at night.
• You see an unusual amount of fire arms in and out of the home.
• They make you or your family members feel uneasy.
• They will be in your home regularly.
• You hire them to do odd jobs or babysit.
• You suspect that they are keeping track of when you come and go.
• They avoid you and others in the neighborhood.
• They act like they have an addiction.

Privacy Violation Concerns

Obtaining criminal records on a neighbor is not a violation of privacy laws and is legal. These criminal records are public records and not private information. It is however, a violation to obtain personal information without consent this includes credit information and identification information.

Positive Criminal Histories

If a neighbor has a positive criminal history, there are many things you can do to protect yourself. If they are doing something illegal, call the police. Otherwise, you should do what you need to do to keep your home and family safe. You cannot make them move, unless it states that in your homeowner ‘s bylaws or rental agreements for your community. However, the option for you to move to a safer neighborhood is always open.

If you are concerned about your neighbors and want to obtain a background check, or you simply want to learn more about why such checks are important, please visit Background Check Solutions’ website for more information.

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