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When Background Checks are for You

August 17th, 2014 by Dodie

You may find yourself in a variety of situations in today’s world when you need to use a background check service. There are certain job industries, for instance, where a background check is a necessity. Meanwhile, landlords seek to gain information to lessen the risk of renting out to individuals with questionable activities that may […]

Reference Checks vs. Social Media

August 15th, 2014 by Dodie

When researching someone’s background, whether it be part of a job interview process, or a background check for a rental application, the more information that you can gather, the better informed you will be. Because of this, some employers are now using social media either as part of the background research or to replace the […]

The Accuracy of Social Media

July 26th, 2014 by Dodie

With the growing number of people putting out every detail of their lives on social media sites you might consider using social media background checks on your potential employees or tenants. The idea is still somewhat new in this age so you might not know what a social media background check really consists of. As […]

When having a background check performed for pre-employment or when having a tenant screening to apply for a rental property, it would be shocking if the report came back with erroneous information such as court records. It would be understandably stressful if this happened to you. Your best defense? AWARENESS. There are steps you can […]

Why are background checks of prospective employees’, and even tenants’, education history important to you? There are several basic reasons why. To emphasize: A background check on an applicant can be an honesty confirmation. An education background screening can protect you from making future false claims about an employee or tenant. The education and training […]